Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Good Happenings

Life is good. Life is beautiful. Life is a mystery.

It has been a rather good day for me.

It began with the rain. If you've ever seen Gilmore Girls, you'll know that Lorelai has a special relationship with snow. I am officially declaring a special relationship with rain. It is beautiful and magical and romantic.

The rain started last night. It was so relaxing to fall asleep to the sound of the rain, rather than trying to fight flashbacks of my knee injury. It rained again today—actually it poured. I had to document this magnificent moment, so I went out in my backyard and took some photos. I got soaked, and it was wonderful.

Also, this morning I met with the editor of The Orangevale View. I will be volunteering for the newspaper while I am home taking care of my knee. This is such a blessing for me because I am building my portfolio, strengthening my skills, contributing to my community and opening doors for future opportunities. Along with writing, I will be able to contribute photographs and InDesign knowledge. And because it is a volunteer position, I will have the flexibility to do what I need to take care of my knee, which is my first priority.

I am so excited for this opportunity, and I hope to do a lot of good things. My first assignment is tomorrow. I will be covering a Chamber of Commerce networking breakfast hosted by Senator Ted Gaines. I will also be writing a story on a local haunted house this Friday. For right now, I will let you guess whether it is a real haunted house or if it is a Halloween presentation. Either way, my knee brace WILL be worn. If I feel the impulse to run, I will be better equipped.


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