Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs

As I was wrapping up the previous post, I found out Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, has died. Rest in peace, Steve Jobs. You did amazing things. I am an Apple lover and am proud to say that I once lived in Cupertino. Your impact on the world is immeasurable.

I remember when my elementary school library got new Apple computers and we were all so amazed. Playing Oregon Trail on those computers was the best. So was trying to get the best score in the class on our typing quizzes. For my high school graduation gift, I got my first iPod and it has been a most trusted friend ever since.

My iPod has carried me through different music phases of my life. It has also been with me in every other way possible. I'm not one of those people that has trouble "unplugging" from technology, but listening to my iPod was the only thing that kept me sane during some 8-hour work days, long bus rides, airplane rides, car rides and solitary walks.

My love for Apple carried with me into my college years and was solidified when I began taking journalism classes. It was hard to get used to a Mac at first, but after a few days it stole my heart. I did many homework assignments and work projects on a trusty Mac. I used my personal PC laptop at home, only if I got kicked out of the Spori building on campus because it was nearing curfew. True stuff.

And now, I sit here writing this blog on my own MacBook Pro which was a college graduation gift from my parents. (Thanks, mom and dad!) The influence of Steve Jobs and Apple will live on, but the world will surely miss Mr. Jobs.


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