Friday, October 14, 2011

Woman vs. Machine

Lauren Olivia Designs
Most of my courses in college required reading and writing. But this one time I took a class that required me to use a needle and thread in place of a pen and paper. Interesting. Basically, I took this beginning sewing class because I needed a filler class, and I thought I could pick up a new skill along the way. I knew it would be time consuming, and it was. But I'm not sure I realized how hard it would be. Or, maybe I knew how hard it would be but didn't realize how time consuming it would be. Not really sure, this was a while ago. Whatever, you get the point.

I felt like the dumb one in the class. I always had trouble with the tension on my sewing machine; I could never remember how to thread my bobbin, and it took hours for me to demonstrate I could somewhat complete all the hems, finishes and stitches required for our portfolios. It probably didn't help that I sat next to this girl who had been sewing for years.

Sewing became a class I started, well ... not liking. I just wanted the class to be over with. At the end of the semester, I ended up getting an A, but it was through a lot of hard work. Throughout the class, I made a pillowcase, pajama shorts, a shirt and a skirt. I love my skirt and I use the pajama shorts. I've used the pillowcase before but the shirt ... yeah. It's not as bad as the shirt Denise made Theo in The Cosby Show. Actually, it's not nearly as bad. The fabric and the buttons are super cute, it just wasn't the best execution. But sewing a blouse is HARD.

It's funny though, now I can honestly say that I love sewing. It's easier to like it when you're not under a time constraint and have actually learned to master your machine. Sure, it still can be frustrating, but it's so fun to take nothing and turn it into something.

I got my own sewing machine for Christmas last year. Since then, I have sewn quite a bit and am getting better. The only thing is fabric stores have become a weakness. If I can't find it in a store, I want to sew it. (I still am not brave enough to attempt another shirt). If I see a beautiful fabric, I find a pattern that it would work well with. Shoe-buying weakness, meet fabric store weakness.